Aircraft Maintenance

SMAT Aviation Maintenance Services

SMAT Aviation Maintenance Services are performed with the same high standards of excellence that have been the hallmark of SMAT’s reputation for decades. In addition to training tomorrow’s Aviation Technicians and Pilots, SMAT has maintained a growing fleet of training aircraft to support its operations.

SMAT Aviation Maintenance Services funnels decades of experience into a focused community-directed program to support the community’s aircraft owners and operators.

SMAT is located conveniently just 35 miles East of Grand Rapids, MI, on the Ionia County Airport (Y70), which is served by hard surface lighted runways more than 4,000 ft in length. Maintenance services are conducted in a recently renovated 8,000 square foot hangar and administration facility.

SMAT Aviation Maintenance Services provides a platform in which individuals are able to build on their newly acquired skills in addition to having the opportunity to put SMAT’s core values of caring relationships, excellence, stewardship, and servant leadership into practice. Customers will experience genuine care – not only the aircraft being maintained – but also for the owner/operator.

Available Services

  • Annual & 100 hour inspections
  • Airframe repairs and maintenance
  • Major and minor repairs
  • Major and minor alterations
  • Basic avionics installations
  • Instrument panel upgrades
  • Pitot-Static certifications
  • Transponder certifications available in partnership with Beacon Aviation
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Oil changes
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Experimental aircraft condition inspection
  • Dynamic propeller balancing
  • Oxygen recharging
  • Nitrogen service
  • Weight & balance
  • Emergency maintenance call out service (call for availability)
  • Aircraft detailing—Clean and polish

Flat Rate Annual Inspections

Annual Inspections will be quoted at a flat rate depending on the aircraft. The basic shop rate is $80 per hour. A quote will be provided for your project prior to starting work.

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